Sport Servis, as a distributor and producer of sports equipment, has in its offer the possibility of warranty and post-warranty service for the equipment supplied, not only by our company but also by other manufacturers.

It is necessary and very important to take care of the high quality of the equipment, which is most often used by students, children, young people, often without supervision of adults, trained. Sports equipment, like any other product, wears out, its functionality decreases, wearing elements, bearings, electric motors, nets and others are destroyed by time or use not in accordance with their intended use. Due to their intended use, it is very important that it remains functional and safe.

We work with leading manufacturers from Poland abroad, such as MTB GROUP, Sport Transfer, Polsport, 3D, Arti sport etc., which also produce sports equipment, most often found in sports halls or on outdoor fields. This allows for efficient ordering of spare parts and necessary parts in customer-friendly commercial conditions.

Post-warranty service is offered by specialized assembly teams, which after inspection (if necessary) repair faulty equipment with a strict specification of the terms of cooperation, date and time of work.

Of course, our company here certifies work with an appropriate document confirming that the service of the equipment was carried out in accordance with safety regulations and compliance with legal standards.

We encourage you to send inquiries regarding equipment repairs, along with the necessary photographic documentation. For our part, we will definitely confirm what we can do, in the case of post-warranty service, we will price the service. After confirming the activities, please send the order to download below.



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